Lamb Sirloin Steak

Mild, delicate flavor with tender texture.

2 per package. Boneless. 1 inch thick. Avg. weight .65- 1lb. Frozen.


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Lamb sirloin steak is a flavorful and tender cut of meat taken from the sirloin section of the lamb, which is located towards the rear of the animal. It is a lean cut that is typically boneless and relatively small, weighing around 6-8 ounces.

Lamb sirloin steak is known for its mild, delicate flavor and tender texture. It is often grilled or pan-seared to enhance the natural flavor and bring out the tenderness of the meat. Due to its leanness, it is important not to overcook lamb sirloin steak as it can become tough and dry.

Lamb sirloin steak is a popular choice for those who enjoy lamb but prefer a milder flavor than some of the more assertive cuts. It is often served as a main course accompanied by a variety of side dishes, such as roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, or a light salad.

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