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Farm to Table Lamb, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Rabbits, and Eggs

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About us

The farm is a wonderful place to visit.  Many stop just to see the variety of animals here.  But it is always best to call first to make sure we have time to chat. We are a work in progress every day!

Grand Rapids, MI  1145 Fulton St E

Hours of Operation

Main Season

First Saturday in May through the last Saturday of October

Friday, Saturday | 8am-2pm

Winter Season

First Saturday in November through the last Saturday of April

Saturday | 10pm-2pm

Grandfather Neal Catts and his wife Jennie started the dairy farm in 1932. Once retired, son Ray (2nd generation) purchased the farm and began raising beef cattle.

Grand Daughter Sharon (3rd generation) took over in 1985 raising beef, lambs, turkeys and hogs. Sheep were added when the kids were in the local 4H programs and today Adam and Sharon work the farm. while Pierre is our “Market Man”. We are dedicated to raising the animals with care. We take pride in our ‘hands on’ management of every group we grow. Whether it be chickens, turkeys, cattle, hogs, or lambs, we make sure they are naturally raised without the use of hormones, additives, antibiotics, and/or chemicals. Our winter feed is harvested off the same land that my grandfather worked all those years ago.

Great Grand-daughter Hannah (4th generation) is often seen at the market with Pierre, helping customers, along with great great grandkids (5th generation). We are blessed!