Freezer Chicken Bundle (Four 6-7lb birds)


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Freezer Chickens.  6-7 lbs each.

We raise some of our birds up to a higher weight simply because in the winter months we are looking for a nice, meaty bird. One that can serve us a full meal with leftovers to make a casserole, add to a salad, or simply do a chicken sandwich.  These birds offer that.  Plus you can make your own stock and follow up with a delicious chicken soup!

Order now.  You will receive four – 6 to 7 lb frozen chickens for $88.59.  That is about $10.00 off buying them individually.

I love stocking my shelves and freezer with good food for the winter.  One way is to buy in bulk, which saves time and money, and prepares you for the a time ahead.  Enjoy!


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