Changes are hard! Put your gloves on!

A few weeks ago our website went down. Really down…like fell down dead with a DNR code. Being that farming is my first profession, mothering is my second, and cooking is my third, website repair is not in my wheelhouse nor on my hay wagon. I was in deep “do-do”!

None of us like change. We like things running smoothly and efficiently because we truly do not have time to chase down an angry bull so you hope the fence is hot and strong from the get go. I wasn’t angry…but I was frustrated. Farming brings frustrations. Business brings challenges. Breakdowns bring fretting. BUT I have learned in my 60+ years to take a deep breath, think like a big girl, and put on my gloves to work through a situation. My ‘fence’ was broken, the bull was loose, and I needed help.

Thankfully, after many many texts, calls, and fb messenger thingys sent to my old website maker who never answered them, Bill at Pyramid Consulting, Inc mentioned he was a website guy to Pierre at the market. I like working with customers who have expertise in areas where I have no knowledge. I can help you if a lamb is presenting wrong during labor by rotating it in the womb and helping it come out the right way. I cannot help you if a ‘server’ decides not o serve or a “host’ leaves town and abandons his guests. Bill worked through all of that. He helped with a new domain name, our website is now secure (like locking the barn door), he organized things to make them more efficient, and he gave me time to do the things I do well rather than fret over things I don’t do well.

So here is the blog moral (and I do wonder who named it a ‘blog’). Change happens. Everyday. If I look back at the last few years all the changes can seem overwhelming at best. I’ve learned a bit from them, asked for help along the way, and tried not see them as the end of the world. I’ve changed many a fence insulator or connection to make it a better fence than it was in the beginning. Change is okay…keeps the bull in.

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